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3-P-Services GmbH
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Mostviertelstraße 5
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UTECO | NXS 300 Watch and share the video

NXS 300 Watch and share the video!

Link YouTube: https://youtu.be/Xw3D-MTOUKY


Opticlean Anilox und Plate – erfolgreich installiert

Bei einem Kunden in der Ukraine wurden, im 3ten Quartal 2017, unsere Opticlean Anilox und Plate erfolgreich installiert.

Bei Interesse senden Sie einfach Ihre unverbindliche Anfrage an: office@3-p-services.at





Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

please find below our OPTICLEAN ANILOX video.

More information about the Opticlean Anilox >>

For any questions or an inquiry, please send us an email to office@3-p-services.at !

Addressing metering challenges of white inks


written by Dave Southall, Daetwyler 

All professional printers eventually come up against the metering challenges of white inks. Throughout the industry, white inks are notorious for being inconsistent and requiring frequent changing of doctor blades often. The longer a doctor blade lasts, the more expensive it is in many cases. Weighing the cost of a doctor blade vs. the cost of press downtime is as issue printers and coaters deal with constantly. The issue with metering white inks is actually a little more complicated than just buying the right blade.

Read more about the issues and real-world scenarios and solutions =>